In the old days, dogs spoke like human beings. They were able to exchange their opinions when they discussed things with their masters.

One day, a hunter went into the woods. He brought along his dog to hunt. When they found a deer, the dog ran as fast as it could to pursue the big deer. The hunter followed the dog’s tracks deep into the forest and he kept on shouting instructions to the dog.

“Chase the deer! Don’t let it run away from us!” yelled the dog’s master.

Following what its master said, the dog ran faster after the deer. It almost lost the deer in the thick forest but it was determined to please its master. Chasing the deer for some time, the dog finally hunted it down. The big deer resisted, knocking the dog a few times with its strong horn.

“Help me, master! Help me fight the deer!” pleaded the dog.

The master, however, stood from a distance and just watched the dog struggle with the deer. Getting no help from its master, the dog fought back as hard as it could. It fought despite the bruises and cuts it received from the big deer. After much effort, the dog finally seized the deer.

Seeing that the deer did not move anymore, only then did the master go near it. He worked fast to build a fire and cooked the deer. Meanwhile, the injured dog lay exhausted but the master did not pay it any attention.

The dog said to its master, “I asked you to help me overcome the big deer but you did not listen to me at all. You just watched as it kept on knocking me down. You left me on my own to seize the deer. Now you are eating the food that I worked very hard for.”

The hunter did not listen to the dog. He kept on eating while the dog watched. After finishing his meal, the hunter laid down the bones and the hide of deer for the dog.

“I do not want to hear from you again!” shouted the master.

The dog replied with much disappointment, “You only think of yourself. You ate without thinking of me. You are giving me only the bones and the hide.”

The master realized how bad he treated the dog. “I’m sorry for keeping the good things to myself. I am not proud of what I did, after all you have been very loyal to me,” said the master. “Please accept these pieces of meat as a reward for your hard work.”

The dog ate what its master gave it. Being satisfied, the dog never spoke to people again, but it just always followed what its master told it to do.