A very long time ago, in the country of Lac Viet there was a god named Lac Long Quan. According to the legend, Lac Long Quan was the son of Kinh Duong Vuong - a mountain god and ruler of the kingdom of Xich Quy. Because Lac Long Quan’s mother was a water dragon, he had most of his mother’s features. He had the body of a dragon and he possessed magical powers and good health.

One day, a beautiful fairy named Au Co, who was living in the mountain, visited the country of Lac Viet to see the legendary beauty of the place. Lac Long Quan and Au Co met, fell in love, and got married. On the day of giving birth, Au Co laid a sac of one hundred eggs, from which hatched one hundred humans. These children grew up quickly and became normal healthy adults.

After some time living with Au Co, Lac Long Quan told his wife one day: “I am by nature like a dragon in the water, while you are like a fairy in the mountain. Our habits and customs are different. We must live apart from each other. Now of all our children, half will go with me to the underwater palace, and the other half will stay on land with you. If either group encounters misfortune, then the other group must help each other”.

The hundred children of Lac Long Quan and Au Co understood their father’s wish and divided themselves into two groups. Fifty followed their mother to the mountains, and fifty followed their father into the ocean. They became the ancestors of the Vietnamese people. Because of this legend, the Vietnamese people refer themselves as the Dragon and Fairy’s descendants who come from the same family a long time ago.